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Tips of the trade

Do you know that if some of your radiators are not getting hot, it could be down to air in the system. This is easily solved and if you follow our advice here it could save you the cost of getting a qualified plumber out.

Firstly and quite importantly is to make sure that your heating is turned off. This is quite simple, just turn down the thermostat until the boiler stops running. You then need to let the central heating system cool down. The last thing that you want is hot water coming out and scalding you.

What will you need?

You only need a radiator bleed valve key (if you haven’t got one it isn’t a great problem – they are normally readily available from your local hardware shop). You will also want a small Tupperware tub to catch any water.


Start with the radiator furthest from the boiler. Turn the radiator key to allow the air to escape. As the air escapes it will likely spit a little water out which is where the Tupperware tub comes in. When all the air has escaped and water is continuously coming out of the radiator this is the time to tighten the bleed valve back up.

Move on to the next radiator and do exactly the same process, continue through all radiators until they have all been done. Then check on the boiler to make sure that the central heating pressure has not dropped too much. When you look at the pressure gauge on the boiler it should read somewhere between 1-2 bar pressure.

If the pressure has dropped below this level, on some boilers you can top up the pressure yourself.

Check back for our post on topping up you boiler pressure!!


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  1. Anonymous  June 21, 2018

    Great tip – thank you! I shall save this for winter and give it a try…

  2. admin  September 6, 2018

    Hi Glad that you may find this useful.

    We at Battersea Property Maintenance also other a winter checkup service for you heating and lighting systems..

    Contact us for more details

  3. crediblecontent  September 8, 2018

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