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In April 2018, new boiler regulations came into play. The new regulation is called Boiler Plus and requires all new boilers to have a higher energy efficiency.

Gas contributes to 60% of the annual energy bills for the average household and due to this the new Boiler Plus regulation is trying to reduce these costs. All new boilers installed after April 2018 will need to have an ERP rating of 92% or above. (ERP is a directive that the manufactures have to meet).

Additionally to the manufactured rating all new boiler installations will need to have a programmable timer and thermostat; most properties already have this but it was not a condition of installation until this point. They will also need to have one additional energy saving measure on top of every thing above.


One of Four, additional energy saving measures.

There are four options when choosing your additional energy saving measure. In most circumstances your installer will recommend to you the best and most cost effective options and why he recommends that approach, but so you have a little background we will briefly touch on it here. There are four different options from which one must be used:

Flue Gas Heat recovery systems

This system reuses heat from your boiler that would otherwise be wasted, and improves its efficiency. Some studies suggest these systems can deliver the same amount of heat while using up to 4% less gas.

In many cases, this technology will already be built into the new boiler you are choosing, and so it won’t incur an additional charge. Make sure you check with your heating engineer whether this is the case.

Load compensating thermostats

This adjusts the radiator temperature to be hotter when your home is cold, and cooler when your home is closer to the desired temperature. These types of thermostats should only cost around £100 more than a standard thermostat, which is pretty negligible when you take account of the overall cost of a new boiler.

Under the right circumstances, these can provide significant savings, particularly if you are the type of person who leaves your heating on for long spells and have high bills.

Weather compensating thermostats

These are similar to load compensating thermostats, but they adjust the radiator temperature depending on the outside temperature. They are around £100 more expensive than standard thermostats. You’ll generally make the most savings if you have your heating on for long periods and have high bills.

Smart Thermostats

These thermostats allow you to control your heating through a tablet or smartphone, even when you’re not at home. They perform many of the same functions as a programmable thermostat, allowing you to set schedules and adjust the temperature of your home for different times of the day.

There isn’t much existing evidence to show that smart thermostats reduce bills any more than standard thermostats and timers, but they’ll appeal to you if you want to be able to instantly check the temperature of your home and make immediate adjustments.


What Does This mean ?

For the end user and domestic client it does not affect you greatly. It will clearly increase the cost slightly but in the grand scheme of a new boiler it wont be much. It should reduce the running cost of the new boiler so over time you should see a slight reduction in you energy consumption and in turn a reduction in your costs.

This is clearly a good move for our environment and for your pocket in the long term. Should you have any questions about these new regulations please feel free to contact us and we can go into more detail.



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