Why should you use Gas Safe Plumbers in London ?

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I am sure that most of you have heard of Corgi before. The old standard for Gas Plumbers and Engineers previously known as Corgi; which is actually just a governing body that provides that service; is and has been for a few years now, called GAS SAFE.

Gas is potentially very dangerous, it is a toxic substance which can cause poisoning, fire and explosions. It is therefor quite imperative that you check the credentials of engineers that install, repair and remove pipework and appliances from your home and business.

How do you Check??

Gas Safe Register

All Gas Safe Engineers and companies must be registered on the Gas Safe Register by law. This organisation carries out numerous tasks to ensure compliance with regulations and safety:

  • Checks qualifications of those that want to join the register.
  • Actively searches for engineers working without Gas Safe registration or without the correct qualifications.
  • Investigates incidents to check for any potentially unsafe works being carried out by both registered or non-registered engineers.

As you can see it is important to make sure that you have a gas engineer that knows what he is doing and is registered to do so. The Gas Safe Register is a database of engineers that are qualified and checked for compliance.




What you can do?

You can contact, the Gas Safe Register to check the credentials of the engineer. You can check the companies or engineers registration number. You can contact the Gas Safe Register on 0800 408 550. You can also go to their website at

All Gas Safe engineers should also carry their own identity card with them which will have their Gas Safe Registry number on it. It will also have a picture of the engineer so you can check that the engineer is actually who they say they are.

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